Monday, April 25, 2011


I've had so much on my mind recently. I told my friend Werm the other day that I feel like I need to blog every day for a week, just so I can put it all into words. I'm not sure I'm quite disciplined enough to make that happen...but it would be nice to get it out of my head.

Today, I'm going to touch on the fact that I feel like my calling has been even more reaffirmed recently. Yes, I have felt for a while that the Lord has gifted me with teenagers...and in that, a couple of months ago I got redirected from wanting to teach, to knowing I need to be in full time ministry.

However, there are teenagers in every country. And with so many Christ-followers doing missions all over the world, sometimes I wonder if I'm taking the "easy" route and just wanting to stay in America to be comfortable or something. (Even though I've felt called to be here.)

But it has been clear to me before, and has become clear to me again....just because we are Americans, doesn't mean people aren't completely broken here. Just because we do have access to the Word of God, doesn't mean that people even know anything about it. Just because we have money and "stuff," doesn't mean that people don't betray us and hurt us to the point that we don't know if we can believe in a good God.

Just because these teenagers have cars and cell phones and nice clothes, doesn't mean they don't need love and Truth just as much as a teenager in Africa who has never heard of Christ.

I truly believe that. Not to say that teenager in Africa doesn't deserve love and the chance to know Christ - they totally do. But take, for example, a former student of mine. Before walking into YoungLife, she did not know the Lord. She needed love and Truth spoken into her life. And now, because of that and the ways it changed her, she is spending all summer spreading the Word of God to the people of India.

Build them up, and teach them to walk it out. Whether that means in America, Africa, India, China, Chile...anywhere! As for me, I'll be here for now. Maybe going on the occasional mission elsewhere. But chances are you'll typically find me loving on some great students at the nearest high school. And I'll be loving every second of it.

God bless.


Edit: Kasey's comment made me realize I would like to say that I am by no means saying that wanting to do world missions is by any way bad or wrong. I think it is wonderful! This post was only to sort out my thoughts on what I know I personally am called to right now. And about feeling secure in it because of what I have been recently reminded of about our own country. We are all different parts of One Body - and I'm thankful we're at work all over this world.