Monday, June 23, 2008

People I've Met

Ok so I'm in DC now but I just wanted to take a moment to document the fact that I met some of the coolest people my last full day on the Outer Banks.

First of all, everyone who worked at the KOA kampground I stayed at in Rodanthe was so ridiculously nice. All the old people remembered who I was even when I couldn't even remember meeting them in the first place. And they have these people there called students my age who work there as part of this ministry thing but also get paid. They were really nice too.

Then that night I was at Jockey's Ridge State Park, the largest sand dune on the East Coast. I was just sittin up there chillin when this family of boys started playing fooball by me. I finally got up and eventually started talking to the mom....found out they were from Fredericksburg, VA and all of her boys went to a Christian school and she worked as a nurse at the Christian Elementary. They were so nice and so fun. It was great to meet them...God kind of gave me the gift of a bit of companionship for the evening.

So anyway, my feet and legs are killing me after a day of walking all over DC.

My bed in this lovely little Quaker youth hostel is calling. hahaha.

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