Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7 New Things

Remember the "25 Random Facts" that went around facebook a few years ago? Well, for some reason I've been thinking about that recently. Things have changed in the last few years though, so here is an updated 7 facts about me...or brief snippets of things I've been thinking lately.

1. Coffee now runs through my veins as much as pepsi. (Starbucks Tuesday's will do that to you.) I am halfway to having a Gold Card.
2. The older I get, the more I realize I might not want to have kids. Like, birthing them. I will always have teenage kids. But we will see?
3.. I find myself having to work harder at not getting a complex about relationships that have gone awry in my life. I find it to be scary that people can grow apart so quickly, either from things like spiritual breakdowns to simply just learning different things and growing different ways. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's just natural. Nevertheless, it makes something like marriage more nerve-wracking to me. But I'm trying to work through this.
4. Thanks to Sarah, I now enjoy eating celery. I'm still not sold on the veggie chips though my friend. And I still can't believe I even ate a dried mushroom.
5. I 'm ready to move out of this state. I actually have been going through all my stuff, preparing to downsize and peace out. The thought of living in basically the same place forever (as in, living where I grew up) really freaks me out. A LOT.
6. I have some friends that dream really big. And the thought of journeying with them, or brainstorming what it would be like to start a church someday (with one of them in particular), is actually really exciting to me.
7. I think I just decided this morning to move to Dallas in July/August. 

(Unless I feel called elsewhere between now and then.)

...I'm just going to chew on that for now.

So did you learn anything new about me? ha.

God bless.

Oh yeah, and this used to be my hair. Have a great day. :)

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liz said...

Okay, listen. I love you. I love reading your little blog posts. I'm really excited that you are going to be at my doorstep...possibly. Maybe? Please. You're great and I just think you should know that. And moving to Dallas...prob going to your best decision in life. Just sayin'