Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to the Palms

I never thought I'd be in Missouri this fall. I was trying to go anywhere...everywhere...wherever would take me. I wanted to move to Dallas and live around a lot of great friends.

And then...the LORD finally spoke. Or maybe, I finally listened. I've decided I'm no longer going to use the words "my plan is..." because they never seem to work out. haha. From now on, I think I'm going to say "This is what I'd like to do....and we'll see if the Lord agrees or has something else in mind."

This time, He had something else in mind. And that something taking me back to the land of Springfield, Missouri. Add to that, it turns out I'm returning to a studio apartment in Palm Village Apartments.

It all started with thinking about some of those feet up there, and feeling like there is more work to be done in their lives that He wants me to do. Since then, in other conversations, other job possibilities have opened up as well. I have no doubt that He is taking care of the details and will take care of me in this year!

I am moving there in August and am committed to staying a year...after that, we'll see! I would love to get on to Dallas or elsewhere...but I would love even more to follow God's call on my life.

In the words of Lecrae:

"Let me finish my race,
Let me answer your call"

I will miss Kansas City and many of the students and people I have met here...but that's another good thing about Springfield. I'll still be able to be around. And come to town to watch my brother play football and basketball in his senior year, which is wonderful.

But anyway...Springfield, I'll be seein' you soon.

In the meantime...I'll be seeing Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Cali, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Kansas. Prepare for blogs of my time in the wilderness with my Savior.

I. CAN'T. Wait.

God bless. I have to go pack. :)

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