Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My oh my, has it been a couple of days.

A little bit too deep of thoughts to pour out quite yet...other than I am definitely being pruned to hopefully be more productive for my Savior and His Kingdom. That.....and I have some really special people in my life. One Courtney Kirby...who speaks grace with authority into my life whenever I need it. And Sarah Beard...a friend I never saw coming but don't plan to ever let go! 

So here is my time in Oregon in photos:

Along I-84, I stopped at a rest stop and had a sweet conversation with a broken but Jesus-believing man named Henry. I also snapped a couple photos of the scenery I got to take in along the entire Oregon/Washington border.

When I got to the Portland area, the first thing I did was stop at Multnomah Falls. It was sunset and the light was hitting a little weird. But here it is!

I wanted to hike to the top of the falls. I was not quite in shape, but I made it!

After that, I went to stay in a community house where 10 people live with Sarah Whiting. And she took me to Voodoo Donuts where I got a bacon maple bar!

King of skipping ahead...after Portland I went to the Oregon Coast. I basically drove down the whole coast so here are a few photos.
Goonies beach!
Beautiful beach with rocks instead of sand. 
Which was right by this Yaquina Head lighthouse.
This is really blurry. But Cali is where I am now!

The weird thing about this trip is that I am so unplanned. I realized I didn't last long in city I don't think I'm going to San Fran. I really don't have a solid plan for tomorrow. I will go explore Redwood National Park and then see what happens!

Thanks for keeping up!

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