Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The House on Q Street

Today I'd like to take you on a little trip to the land of the Huskers...specifically a senior-citizen filled, calm little town called Auburn, Nebraska. Auburn is where both of my parents grew up, and where all 3 of my living grandparents still reside. (In the same homes they've been living in for 40+ years).

As many of you probably know, my Grandma B (my mom's mom) hasn't been doing so well. She is currently undergoing chemo and has complications off and on because she is pretty weak. Currently she is in the hospital getting over a case of pneumonia. I just got back from visiting yesterday and I am happy to report she is getting stronger every day and is just as sweet as ever.

I have somewhat of a special attachment to my Grandma.....when I was just one-year old, my mom had major jaw surgery. Part of her recovery included having her jaw wired shut for at least 6 weeks. During that time, my Grandma took care of me a LOT. She would either help out in KC, or even take me back to Nebraska with her and take care of me there. Even though I obviously don't remember this, it certainly created an extra attachment between her and I. As I grew up, I began going up to Nebraska for at least a week every summer by myself (as in without any of my immediate family) to hang out and play with my grandparents. I did that since before I can even remember, and it lasted all the way until I was at least in high school. Even then I went up occassionally by myself. I was the only one of us Loew children to do this. And even though my parents are both from Auburn and my other grandma only lives a mile away...I split the daytime between the two homes as much as possible, but I always stayed with my mom's parents.
I realized while reminiscing about all the time I spent here as a child that I am more attached to my grandparent's house than any other house that has been a part of my life. I think part of it is probably the fact that most of the furniture hasn't changed over the years. All of my memories take place in the same rooms, with almost exactly the same stuff.

Here are some pictures of my favorite home (and I just realized I don't have one of the outside! Dang):

When you walk in the front door, this is what you see:

The recliners in this room have changed occassionally and the tv that is in the left-hand corner has gotten bigger...but much of it has remained the same. Every Christmas Eve except this last year took place in this room.

Just through the opening of the last picture is this, the kitchen and dining area. Many meals have been eaten at that bar and table. Some classics - homemade waffles, popcorn, cheese potato soup, and ice cream cones at night! Also, probably thousands of card games have been played at that same kitchen table.

One side of the office I played in a lot. This room is the first room on the right down in the hall in the last picture. The main computer desk is actually on the other side of the room. The big desk here is my grandpa's - he was a banker pretty much his whole life.

My grandparent's room. Second room on the right. I didn't spend much time in here, other than when I would go into snuggle in the morning when I stayed there alone.

Next, at the end of the hallway, is a picture of "my" room. I have been calling it "my room" for years now...even though really it is my mom's room...but I look at it this way - no one has slept in this room more than I have over the last 24 years. Even on holidays, I never had to sleep in any of the uncomfortable beds downstairs...I always got dibs on this room. I shared it sometimes. But I was never kicked out of it. :)

(It is very pink. But it has looked this way my whole life!)

My mom and aunt's senior pictures hang on the wall by the door of my room...isn't my mom a babe?

Now to the basement...the laundry room, door to the garage, and door to the basement are all behind where I am standing and taking the kitchen picture.
Main area #1. Yes, that is red shag carpet on the wall by the stairs! ha

Pictures of my grandparents on the wall. My grandpa was a handsome young Navy lad and I think my grandma is a babe just like my mom!

Main area #2. Pool room. It didn't used to be this filled with stuff. We played pool and piano all the time in here.

The Loew Band. haha. This is taken standing in main area #1 looking into main area #2. We look GOOD. (I never knew how to play guitar then...but that is the guitar I eventually taught myself on in high school!)

Now for some other fun ones....
HAHA. (This is taken in front of the house.) I found this in some pictures this weekend. We have some pretty bad family photos, but this HAS to be one of the funniest. My sister just totally makes this picture.

Totes presh. My little brother loved to sit on grandpa's lap in that chair.

Lookin' good in the backyard tree.

Dancing at their 25th Anniversary bash.

Because I spent so much time at that house, and because my grandpa still worked when I was little, I really have spent more time with my mom's mom than any other grandparent. I have a lot of great memories with her. We played tons of games and she took me to parks and the pool and anywhere I wanted to go.

She might be 76 now, but she's still as great as ever.

I am incredibly thankful for my Grandma Bergmann, and I can't wait for her to get out of the hospital so I can go up to Nebraska by myself again and hang out like old times.

If you still have grandparents...you should give them a call today. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you. :)

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