Thursday, June 19, 2008

Be Still, and Know that I am God

Today I am hanging out in New Bern. Home of the man who really initiated this trip because he makes North Carolina sound like a gorgeous place (which it is), Nicholas Sparks. haha. That probably makes me sound like SUCH a dork. But I can accept that. ha.

I'm staying at this Kamping Kabin at the New Bern KOA that sits right on this body of water that's like a bay. I went kayaking out on it this was so nice to just paddle out there and sit in the stillness. So quiet and peaceful.

The night before I stayed with Laura's family in Wilmington. They have the coolest house ever that's tucked away down this road in the midst of a bunch of trees. And they don't live very far from the beach, so I went down there and hung out for a while....I love being out there too. The ocean always reminds me of how big and endless God's just comforting to be reminded of that.

Soon I am going to venture out to New Bern and go see this old palace place and then the birthplace of pepsi. haha. Get me some pepsi memorabilia.

Let's just say, I could live in this state. And maybe someday I will....?

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