Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home of the Tar Heels

Well hello there. So I'm in chapel hill now with hannah, it's incredibly exciting. This is a BEAUTIFUL place holy cow. I could definitely live here I think. It's probably pretty expensive though.....but definitely cool.

I've gotten really tired from driving I think. Slept well last night and then took a pretty long nap today. Oh, ha, I went to this southern Presbyterian church with Hannah and her roommate this morning....and I wore a dress. Ha! I should have taken a picture. Hannah was making fun of me because I didn't bring any nice clothes for church but I didn't even think about it....I can't even remember the last time I really dressed up for church. And there were little things that made me feel like I was in the epitome of a southern church. haha. Like a couple old ladies with hats on. And just how nicely dressed everyone was. I'm just not used to that I guess. ha. But that's what this trip is all experiences!!!!

I also went to this cool chimney rock park in NC, not chimney rock like the oregan trail that's in Nebraska (that one isn't near as cool as the one here)....cuz here you can hike around and stuff and go stand on the top of it. It's pretty sweet. I'm gonna load some pics up of it.

Gotta figure out my health form stuff for Saranac...I kinda dropped the ball. whoops.

Well, until next time......


Kate said...

so do i have to get one of these dang blogs to comment on yours??? dunno. but i'm going to try!
miss you lots. lonely in the apt right now. hope you got all that health form stuff done. and your chicken pox vaccine if you need one :/

Kate said...

nooo i don't have to create one! yay! i'm still blog freeee!