Friday, June 13, 2008

After a Day of Hiking

Hiking in the Smokies today was AWESOME. The hike wasn't too bad and the waterfalls were cool....people were swimming and woulda been nice to get in the water but I definitely wasn't prepared for that. It was good though. Felt right to just be out there alone with me and God and just have that time.

I'm staying in this hostel house in Asheville tonight. I think I'm sorta antisocial when I'm in those types of situations surrounded by other people I don't's not like being at YL camp where you know you have some major stuff in common. But so anyway, I'm chillin here at Mickey D's, using their wi-fi.

So far the alone time has been good...and tomorrow is exciting becasue I'm meeting some future summer staffers and I get to stay with Hannah. I can't wait for that!

See you soon.

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Shawn said...

are you changing clothes on this trip or is that all part of the "experience"? ...i ask because in the only pictures you've posted on this sight you are wearing the same clothes.

...also notable is that the word i have to type in for verification underneath this box is "qeerjhoe." that's kinda dirty.