Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Smoky Mountains, Baby!

so we just went to nashville and i dropped adam and kate off at the airport.....i'm staying by the great smoky mountain national park and i probably need to get going soon. promise to write more later!


Ok so it's later. I found a KOA down here right next to the mountains. Holy cow the Great Smoky Mountains are GORGEOUS. I mean I sorta knew that from Windy Gap but it's been a couple years ya know. But they are so beautiful, it was way cool to drive through them. I can't wait to go hiking tomorrow and see some waterfalls and all that jazz.

Nashville was tons of fun. I'm glad Kate and Adam were along with me for the first part of the trip....ease into it a bit, ya know? And we had fun. Saw a concert...for free...can't beat that. And played around at Vanderbilt and this park. It was good to camp too...shoulda seen us trying to kill the mosquitos in our tent last night. It was pretty freakin hilarious. haha.

It's sorta weird to be alone now, but I think it will be good. After everything that happened on Monday (long stories) I knew it was definitely going to be a leap of faith and a whole lotta putting my trust in God to come out here. It will definitely be that. But I can't wait to see what he has to show me and just everything He has planned for our relationship and just teaching me even more what it means to depend on Him. Maybe it will all be fun...maybe the whole thing will be really hard. But no matter which, I know I am going to come away from these next 6 weeks stronger and just filled with huge faith and a huge heart for the Lord.

This campground just put on a clown gospel show at this pavilion by my tent. How awesome is that? haha. But I think it's time to maybe crawl into the tent soon....try to get away from some of these bugs. See you all soon.

With His Love,

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